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Full of Hope Chest

August 2, 2013

My summer to do list has been filled with nondescript painting of 10 foot plus taller white walls… Alone… In our approx. 3,000 sq. ft. house. By the time I get done, all of the colors will be out of style. It’s only been three years, maybe I’ll be finished by next year?! So, I had to take a quick break to tackle one of my preferred painting objects… Furniture!
This time, the project got really, really personal. Hold your tongue, Mother, I chose to paint my hope chest (AKA: my first piece of furniture)! Remember the days when a young lady would get a hope chest for her 16th birthday, then fill it with her dowry of important items. Ha! A modern lady I am, there was not much of monetary value, mostly just sentimental. It took me over 20 years to even touch it though. Years ago, I thought that I would try to fix the chew marks from my beloved fur babies by repairing, stripping, and restating it. Yeah, that didn’t happen. But after I met CeCe Caldwell chalk paint, I was a convert for sure.



Several months back, I purchased some samples of CeCe Caldwell paint, Santa Fe Turquoise and Nantucket Spray. I used the dry brush technique to complete this project for all applications.
So dry, in fact, that the paint was changing colors as I was working because it dried so fast!

Initially, I thought that I would only use the first color, but it was way too Southwest in style for me.

20130802-225500.jpg After thinking about it and digesting the color for a day, I tried the second color of Nantucket Spray. I used the entire 4 oz. sample of Santa Fe Turquoise and just a little of the Nantucket Spray.

20130802-225617.jpg Finally, I used the magical sparkle… Martha Stewart Living Metallic Glaze Specialty Finish (Black Coffee 356 333) from the local home improvement store.

20130802-225857.jpg I applied the glaze with a sponge pad applicator. Using an old damp rag, I rubbed away and “sanded” down the finish to expose the wood.

20130802-230251.jpg So now, I just need to let it sit and rest until I decide for certain I am happy with this distressed look. Then, I will apply CeCe Caldwell’s clear wax to protect the finish.

So far, I am happy with the results… It’s much more reflective of my personality as opposed to the wheat design carved into the front. Mom, what were you thinking? We’re not from Kansas!


So tell me, do you have a hope chest? Did you rescue it from it’s sad state? Or can you not bear to touch it, like me?

This new color coordinates so much better with the other pieces I have done in my master bed room. Check out my bed… It’s actually made for a change! And see the pretty and simple euro sham cover I added so that it doesn’t take away from my headboard?

20130802-231954.jpg See my other posts to check out how I put this headboard together: upcycled antique headboard also check out my non-matching side tables: My hubby’s side… peacock tarnished dresser


wife’s side… silver leaf dresser


I’ve got to get these posted now so that I. Can head over to Miss Mustard Seed’s linky party of Furniture Feature Friday! Take care!
P.S. what do you think about the Sherwin Williams Ellie Grey on the walls?


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