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Southern Living Houston Showcase Home

May 19, 2013

20130519-171616.jpgHello, it’s been a while. I have lots of projects currently in the works, but nothing is completely finished at the present moment. But as I was going through some old photos in Dropbox a few weeks ago, I remembered something wonderful that inspired me to do some great things in my own home. I drug a 6 year old and a 3 year old out with me one beautiful Sunday last May to visit a showcase home that I found featured in Southern Living magazine. Call this an anniversary of sorts, but I wanted to share some of these exceptional ideas, some of which, have already inspired me in my own home.

Oh la la! This oval marble tile in the kitchen is divine! Obviously, the use of natural materials in such a unique shape is what puts this kitchen at the top of my wish list! I love classic, I love white, and I just love this the most!

When I saw this turquoise beaded chandelier, I was sold! I had seen it previously on TV and in magazine spreads, but it is truly exquisite in person. I have considered this as a DIY project for all of one minute only due to the labor intensity it would require. I know that it has probably been overused, but as you can see throughout my blog, I’m a fool for turquoise blue.


This kitchen table and chairs are right up my style alley. This antique Handmade European farm table is way out of my budget, but a girl can dream, can’t she? Just look at those hand-carved diamond pegs, no nails! Actually, I really love my own farm table which is a former 1930’s high school science lab table that I picked up at Marburger farms back during antiques week six years ago in Roundtop, Texas. It was my last large antique furniture investment. Speaking of investments, after I become debt free, I intend to purchase similar Tolix chairs (unpainted metal) to complement my kitchen table. I much prefer a casual table over a formal one. We just aren’t formal people and my dining table is just a big wasted space. I regret not wanting these sooner because I could’ve purchased them directly when I lived in Germany 11 years ago. I saw them at all of the outdoor cafes. Who knew they’d be a staple in homes worldwide?

Stairs… What can I say? My big plans this summer are to transform my own carpet covered stairs with something like this. Thank goodness, my own stairs don’t have spindles going into the treads, but I don’t have a simple task at hand. I can’t just use store bought treads since I have multiple curves in my landing. So it’ll probably require hardwood flooring pieces and special bullnose trim for treads. I know a DIY gal can conquer it because Thrifty Decor Chick did it herself!

This builtin mud room rack next to the kitchen was an ingenious application of carpentry skills in a small space. If you do not have room for a built in cabinet, explore this option.

Special alert! What a fantastic tub! And guess what? It’s fiberglass. Oops, I hope I didn’t spoil it for you, but wow! Possibly affordable then? A modern alternative to a claw foot, you’ll need a table for your wine glass (quoting Tommy from Sarah 101 on HGTV). But, I love it! Simplicity at its finest? But as a mother conasuer, who’s gonna clean between the wall and tub AND you best have heated floors to dry up all the water from the floor when your kids try to “swim” in there OR have a thorough coating of waterproofed membrane all around to keep water from seeping through to the first floor! Yep, don’t ask… LOL it happens!

Just look a this classic tile pattern. Simplicity again, isn’t this tile wonderful AND no special cuts required? It only takes standard 12×12’s and 4×4’s to lay this out. When I have a tile laying opportunity, I’m gonna try this pattern. 20130519-162133.jpg

One of the guest rooms had a beautiful antique headboard with wonderful hand carved art. Although something like this is out of most DIYer’s price range, I’m certain you could come up with something similar from upcycled lumber materials instead of buying a reproduction in the chain furniture retailers. Have you made anything like this before? Let me know. 20130519-164431.jpg

On to the backyard…what a dream! The only negative thing I have to say is that you could see the grill out on the back porch from the family room window. It wasn’t really a grill, but more of an outdoor kitchen with a huge exhaust vent to take away the smoke.

This is a new version of a French drain without the faucet using an enamelware basin. I suppose they drag in a hose when needed, but it’s likely a great place to ice down some cold curves as. The drain goes through a hose and winds up in the garden area. I really like this idea and will ultimately incorporate this in my dream back yard!


I think my favorite thing about this outdoor dining space is this pop of color found in that cute bike! I’d so be caught riding it, but my husband probably wouldn’t be caught dead riding with me.

The courtyard is a bit formal for my taste, but I do really like the brick pavers and the pattern. The brick pavers were intentionally sized differently to appear old, but they were new… I think? My kids would require a grassy space to run around and play. Plus, I like the feel of good old fashion grass under my feet as well.


Now, onto a project that I brought to my own garden to try. This flowering jasmine pattern is right up my alley too! We recently installed a new fence, plus our backyard space is limited as well. I wanted to try this grade pattern to grow a bougainvillea wall or some other sort of flowing vine plant. Take a look at their solution for a creative patterned wall, then I’ll show you mine.




20130519-173042.jpg So, basically this pattern runs down the entire length of the property and is visible from the side windows. Also, take a look at this dog trot. It has crushed granite and raised AC units to allow the pups to run under. It’s a shady place and a great clean use of space. In my dreams…


Now when I tried this install at home, I didn’t think we needed the heavy duty plastic covered cabling system, so I just got a training/vining kit from Lowe’s and installed it quickly. Everything was peachy UNTIL the mowers started trimming and cutting the base of my plants and killing the vines! argh! Anyway, they’re gone and the hubby bought a law mower again. I also got some plastic protective wrap to put around my planet bases to prevent this in the future. But, check out my system.


20130519-173853.jpg I’ll have to blog again in the future about my grid system on the fence to show you how simple it is. My wires aren’t as taut and orderly as the original, but once the vines grow and flower so beautifully, that part is hidden.
Make sure to go to this link to see a short You Tube video on the Southern Living Home in Houston that was open for tours last spring. Oh well, better late than never!
Southern Living Houston Showcase Home

  1. I’d think that you’d be thinking more about how you’d even have time to take a bath than how to clean behind the tub!

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