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Little League Style

March 25, 2013

You may ask yourself as Mama Fratelli did in the Goonies, “Now why don’t she (he) write?” We’ll, two boys, baseball, Texas! Enough said, right?! So my creativity can’t be limited to household furniture. I got convinced to be the team mom for my four year old’s little league team because nobody else stepped up except a lady who was 38 weeks pregnant with twins! I just couldn’t let her do it.
Hence, the reason for this next post. First of all, I never knew in a million years how expensive it can be to put two boys in little league. I mean, if you don’t sell the raffle tickets, you have to buy them yourself… 100 bucks per kid! I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a new tshirt every time my kids got assigned to a different team named after the MLB teams. We just can’t catch a break and get assigned to the same team year after year. The only luck we had was that both boys got assigned to the Rangers in the same year.
Anyhow… On to my gr8 idea: I have this Cricut and Gypsy machine to make different sizes and styles of letters. I thought that I could use some adhesive vinyl to mark cut outs on a shirt, then paint it with fabric paint! By the way, I didn’t connect my letters with the Gypsy and you can use any cutout. No Cricut required!

So, I got ambitious and skipped the adhesive vinyl for card stock.

You can choose to use the actual letters or the reverse impression of them. I used two different shirts, one from Micheal’s for four bucks and , # 2, from my closet. I had a really cute tshirt but it had oil stains on it. I’m just a target for stains on tshirts.

20130325-190949.jpg I wanted to use the reverse image, but needed to cover the oil stains on the tshirt.

20130325-191306.jpg I followed the directions for the fabric spray paint by placing a cardboard box between the layers of the tshirt to avoid seepage onto the back. Next, for a lack of perfection, I “eyeballed” the center of the shirt and laid out the card stock letters. I like crooked letters, not perfectly straight. The directions for the paint say to use adhesive to attach the letters to the shirt, but I skipped that part too and took my chances.

20130325-191636.jpg Next, I lightly sprayed over the letters to have a void of the letters.


Then, I used tweezers to remove the letters. Or you can let it dry for about an hour, then remove.

20130325-192410.jpg As the letters sit for a few minutes, they will start to curl up then you can remove the letters easily.

20130325-192637.jpg This is the negative of the letters after the spray paint job!

20130325-192740.jpg My only issue with using this box was that I needed to slide in some newspaper between the shirt top and box to soak up any liquid seepage. My only dissatisfaction was that the edge of each side didn’t receive an even amount of paint so I touched up each side.


This didn’t happen with the red shirt because I just stuck a thin piece of 12″x12″ cardboard between the shirt layers. There was a little bit of puddling of the spray paint in the upper right hand corner, but I’m fine with it!


20130325-194114.jpg fabric spray paint used from Michael’s

I’m pretty proud of my 2 T-shirts for less than $8. What do you think?
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