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I Hate Pottery Barn

March 11, 2013

Now, I had always been a fan of styles at Pottery Barn, but never one to dish out the prices. Later, I became more original in my own style and didn’t feel the need to spend so much there to achieve the look I wanted. Plus, I wouldn’t want to have what everyone else had in their homes. Anyhow, my recent dissatisfaction has led me to write this review. I never thought my blog would become a platform for negative reviews, but heck… Free speech, right?! I have given them multiple opportunities to remedy this, but nothing yet.

It all began with a relatively simple request. I had a 20% off coupon and some Christmas cash. I had spotted this lovely design and I planned to freshen up my bedding in my master bedroom. I chose to by a twin duvet cover so I could make my own pillow covers with a major price break and incorporate the fabric into other things in the room. So, I order two duvet covers, one king and one twin, in the same color, blue. What did Potty Barn (my new name for this place) decide to do? Well, since the king blue cover was back ordered, they decided to ship me the red one! No, I did not order the flippin’ red one. I was not able to refuse it at home because they delivered while I was at work. Go figure! So, I returned the Rosalie king duvet in red because I did not order that one. Yes, I refused it, but from work since the UPS man comes daily. My mistake… I didn’t have a new label to track it. First of all, it took a month to return to the warehouse to be located. Once they returned it, I got charged $10 for return shipping. It was a simple request, really, I ordered two Rosalie duvet covers, one king and one twin, both in blue. How difficult is this to get correct?

Remember, I ordered this right after Christmas during … Guess when? Holiday shipping!!!! Since this took 6-8 weeks to hash out, my return window had since closed for the twin duvet and I can only get a merchandise credit if I return it! Really!
I had also requested to return the twin, but their return policy does not include mailing or emailing a shipping label. Instead they want you to meet the UPS man face to face and have him hand deliver a label to affix before my eyes, then have him take it away to be returned. Sorry, I don’t have time for that and, although UPS delivers to my place of business, I cannot wait at the door for the arrival of the beloved label. Some people still work around here… Forget about it! If I decide not to keep it, I will sell it on eBay or something. It’s a shame, really, because the fabric is beautiful. But, since they have wronged me too many times, I cannot shop at Potty Barn again! What have your experiences been? Is it just me?

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