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Chalk Paint Virgin

March 11, 2013

BEFORE 20130311-225911.jpg

Well, I don’t what took me so long to do this. Chalk paint is much easier to use than milk paint because it is ready mixed, but I feared the unknown, I suppose. It all begin with this sad piece that was handed down to me by my grandmother years ago.

I had even loaned it back to her when I moved to Germany in the military and I got it back in her estate after she passed away. My grandma never had a lot of money, but she took pride in this collection of Ethan Allen furniture that she purchased second hand from a friend back in the 80’s. it was all dark wood and well made (she reminded me). But this hexagon cabinet in particular has been through the ringer especially by my two boys over the past 4-7 years without the coasters under drinks, etc. I can’t bear to part with the furniture I’ve inherited because it brings back so many memories. Plus, it’s better made than most things I can afford to buy. Here are some before photos. Please pardon the lighting.



The den which has been renamed “kid zone” has dark walls, fabric, and a brown leather sofa. So, I had decided this piece needed to be lightened up. Plus, I was debating whether or not to use this color, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint French Linen, on my dining table. So what better way to swatch than on a small furniture piece?! I haven’t painted the interior yet because I am undecided, but it still looks great! I loved being able to paint indoors without the toxic fumes while watching HGTV! It was done start to finish in less than four hours (including drying time between coats and distressing).

20130311-230745.jpg My little helper supervises. See the first coat in this photo, a little too transparent for my desire.

Note the little pits and imperfections in the wood from years of lovin’. By the way, I didn’t sand, clean or wipe down this piece to clean it before I started.

I distressed (with a warm rag…yeah AND elbow grease…blah) wherever there were raised edges.

20130311-231041.jpg Compare the second coat to the distressed coat. I like the distressed look best for this piece to show off the panels.
Although the final piece looks white, it’s actually grey. I just love how the dark wood stain comes out under the paint where I wiped off the chalk paint.

As a finishing touch and since this is going back to the kid zone, I rubbed it down with Minwax finishing paste wax with some old recycled rags. This step took the longest to polish on and to allow to dry. Overall, I was so happy with the result that I have decided to paint my dining table with it too! I should have done this sooner! My grandmother would be so proud of its extended life and facelift if she could see it now.
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