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Great finds Texas road trip

February 11, 2013

On my road trip from Houston to Austin last week, I was referred to Whistle Stop Antiques in Giddings, Texas. Unfortunately, everything wasn’t for the taking, but I did get some shots of some great pieces. Too bad there’s no kitchen remodel in the immediate future, otherwise I’d have purchased this beautiful old butcher table for an island. I cannot stand the fact that we only have abut 18″ of clearance between my refrigerator and the builtin island with cabinets and electricity. I need to check underneath and see if the tile runs under the cabinets continuously.


Next, I found some really cute holiday greetings manufactured from metal. If I hadn’t found the best find of the trip ( next photo) then I might have purchased this one. I had wished they would have been on sale too since it’s February.


But the best deal and my favorite find was this reclaimed wood and industrial side table that I had inquired about stuffed in the farthest most corner of the store just checking the price (not labeled on piece). I thought it was probably too expensive since it wasn’t labeled. Boy, was I wrong?!
The employee told me she inquired with the dealer about the price and it was $60, but she could take 20% off. Hello?!!!! Can you say SOLD??? I responded in a delicate affirmation, “I’ll take it.” What a steal? So, I thought! I’m right. See what it replaced… I had a bulky filing cabinet at the end of the couch. Now, it’s airy and perfect for the dark living room/media room.


Before, it was too crowded… What do you think?

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