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A Place for the Little Stuff

January 31, 2013
magically elevated to new heights

magically elevated to new heights

I found this great typesetter storage box last spring in a fabulous antique store, High Street Antiques, north of Dallas in Plano last spring. It sat on the floor in my eldest son’s room for almost a year before I fell upon this fabulously priced side table at a garage sale… $10. Yeah!2013-01-26 14.19.34 (deleted 928895fa3da6130fe65abeab08acf0b3)

The piece had definitely seen better days and required a layer of degunking. Instead of working hard, I just took it out into the garage and sanded it randomly with a palm sander. That also allowed me to exposed the natural wood which is the best way to show off the glaze.

2013-01-26 14.37.15 (deleted 3b5f1141de8830770cf38bad0e8e310e)

I added another layer of pizazz by painting the interior drawer with a red latex paint. I was a little concerns at first because the paint was leftover from the prior homeowners. After it dried, the color worked out after all. But, I was willing to sand it off or decoupage the drawer, if needed.

a hint of color

In this refinishing project, I intended to dry brush the black latex paint onto the piece, the flat surfaces went much easier than the legs. After that layer dried (quickly, I might add) then I randomly applied the Martha Stewart coffee colored glaze for the final layer. I didn’t even put a coat of wax or polyurethane because it’s not going to see a lot of use. It’s basically going to serve as a base for the display cabinet. But, I would definitely add the poly protection if it were serving as a nightstand or a side table.



a place for the little stuff a place for the little stuff

a little boy's stuff

I did my best in coordinating, not matching, the two pieces together. It’s not easy to recreate that 100 year old antique look to pieces that will be sitting side by side. Let me know what you think. My seven year old definitely does not appreciate it.
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