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Peacock Tarnished Dresser

January 21, 2013


After stumbling upon Alter’d on Craig’s list here in Houston several months ago, I was happy to find others who were so passionate about refurbishing vintage furniture as I am. I immediately purchased and downloaded their ebook after visiting their shop for the first time. I have been a fan of turquoise forever, so naturally I chose to try their tarnished peacock finish first. I probably overpaid the $100 for this piece,


but I wanted a small dresser/side table for Prince Charming's bedside and I really liked the detail on the dresser. 20130121-170202.jpg

The drawers probably stuck a little too much for that price and I should have negotiated a discount. The next time I look at a piece, I will definitely keep that in mind when haggling asking for the best price. After a good rub down on the drawer runners with the dry bar of soap, it slides beautifully.
This is the first layer with latex paint (still damp). Procedure recommended by the Alter’d ebook.


    Now, after round of sanding with the palm sander…

    Then, distressed with Alter'd recommended glaze…

    Finally, I loved the original hardware, so I wiped some glaze on them and reused them again! Voila!!

    Take a look at this fabulous finish! I’m considering painting everything in my house with this finish now!
    So, if you love this tarnished peacock finish as much as I do, check the Alter’d website. They are a small business here in Texas with great stuff. Let me know what you think. What have you painted with tarnished peacock?
    I’m linked up at: Be Different Act Normal

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